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The Extinction Of The Genitive & Strange Reflexive Pronouns

Question [paraphrased]: “I read that the Genitive case is going extinct in German, but it seems  alive and well in some Netflix series and your books. What gives?” That’s an excellent question! First of all, it’s definitely true that the Genitiv is generally fading out of fashion. However, it’s doing so in a very uneven way,… Continue reading

The Lost GoodReads Scrolls

I’ve always been a big advocate for hosting your own websites, not relying on Big Tech companies exclusively to keep your stuff safe. It may feel as if your profile on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter is “your home” online, but we’re just tenants, at best. And most of the time, sure, it’s fine. But if something… Continue reading

Mackie Onyx Blackjack Windows 10 Drivers Fix

The Onyx Blackjack 2×2 USB Recording Interface is a great little box with some nice 60db boutique-quality preamps. You’ll often find it mentioned in forums and blogs across the web, and especially since this article, many people have been interested in the Onyx Blackjack as a affordable solution to power their gain-hungry Shure SM7Bs (in… Continue reading

I for one Welcome Our Algorithmic Overlords

Not too long ago, before image macros and reaction videos roamed the planet, human beings created mix-tapes to express complicated feelings or share their favorite songs with family and friends. These custom compilations of songs were recorded on primitive storage media called “cassettes”, small plastic shells filled with two spools of magnetic thread constantly on the… Continue reading

Über die Prosa Joseph Roths

Es gibt zu viele Bücher in dieser Welt, und manchmal geht man blind an den besten vorbei, ohne den blassesten Schimmer, was einem entgeht. Und bei all dem grellen Gewimmel der Bestsellerlisten und häufig enttäuschenden Neuerscheinungen ist es vielleicht sinnvoll, beizeiten innezuhalten, einen Blick zurück zu wagen und alte Klassiker für unsere Zeit neu zu entdecken. Joseph Roths… Continue reading