The Big Catch

I saw two cats today, sprawled out in the middle of the sidewalk, lazily pawing away at something. When I came closer I saw that they had gotten hold of a huge chameleon, unmoving now except for its jiggly neck. …

On The Life of Things

As human beings, we live in a world of things. There are small ones, big ones, raggedy, round and shiny things all around us. Some of these things are made in factories, others are made by hand. Some are complex, …

The Science Of Sleep


“Sleep is magically efficacious at smoothing out the tangles of the day, and a shortage makes one agitated to the point of lunacy.”

— Olivia Laing, The Trip to Echo Spring

Sündhafte Krümel und Koschere Cola

Im Zuge der Vorbereitungen des jährlichen Passa-Fests in Israel kann man leicht das Gefühl bekommen, die Gesellschaft bereitet sich auf den nuklearen Kahlschlag vor. Die Schlangen in den Supermärkten reichen bis auf den Parkplatz, bis zum Bersten vollgestopfte Einkaufswägen schieben …