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Creatures of Ritual

This is the last song and title-track of the new album Rituals by Other Lives, which has been one of the most satisfying new releases this year. I’ve been listening to it almost daily since it came out on May 5th, at home or on the go, and just can’t seem to get tired of it. It’s music that plays out like a movie, slowly intertwining scenes and after-images of something always out of grasp, and yet so strangely familiar.

To engage with Rituals is to barrel along a winding, hidden dirt path; peering into its bounty is to be swept away into the pines and deep, briny brush revealing a new, almost utopian existence. […] Ambient soundscapes (“New Fog”) buttress against prog-rock stomp (“2 Pyramids”) lending the album the experience of embarking on a choose-your-own-adventure novel. –

Update: this live concert is a great showcase of this band’s multi-instrumental genius:

Vom Überglaube an das Wissen und der Wiederkehr des Mythos

Wir befinden uns in einer Zeit, in der wir jeglicher Form von Wissen einen hohen Stellenwert beimessen — ob es sich dabei um sogenanntes “Grundwissen”, “Allgemeinwissen” oder “Fachwissen” handelt. Wir alle wissen (oder meinen zumindest zu wissen), dass man es ohne ein Mindestmaß dessen zu nichts bringe in dieser Welt. Vorschulkinder werden deshalb frühzeitig in… Continue reading

The Big Catch

I saw two cats today, sprawled out in the middle of the sidewalk, lazily pawing away at something. When I came closer I saw that they had gotten hold of a huge chameleon, unmoving now except for its jiggly neck. The cats themselves were barely larger than their pop-eyed reptilian prey, its scales strangely dull… Continue reading

On The Life of Things

As human beings, we live in a world of things. There are small ones, big ones, raggedy, round and shiny things all around us. Some of these things are made in factories, others are made by hand. Some are complex, others seemingly simple. Some are expensive, others are cheap. Some are revered, others just lie… Continue reading

Faces of Haifa