Ramasser Les Feuilles à la Pelle

Ramasser Les Feuilles à la Pelle

For some reason only yesterday, after almost a decade of work on this domain, I had the idea to install WordPress here. The motive: to collect all the things that I’ve done over the years in some organizable (uncluttered?) way and make room for some asides, chromeless contemplations and wayward ruminations.

The first thing that I noticed while compiling the obligatory “Portfolio” (pretentious vocab) is that putting my various projects on a “timeline” proved to be rather difficult.

I remember everything, but don’t ask me about the years. It takes some serious brain racking and without the meta data of my files “Created On” I’d be hopelessly lost.

For me, when I’m working on a song, story, image, etc. it’s always the same moment, in a way.

Some people will say that’s just a fancy excuse for bad memory. I don’t have anything to add to that.

And now: How This Page Used To Look Way Back When