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The Lost GoodReads Scrolls

I’ve always been a big advocate for hosting your own websites, not relying on Big Tech companies exclusively to keep your stuff safe. It may feel as if your profile on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter is “your home” online, but we’re just tenants, at best. And most of the time, sure, it’s fine. But if something… Continue reading

The Big Catch

I saw two cats today, sprawled out in the middle of the sidewalk, lazily pawing away at something. When I came closer I saw that they had gotten hold of a huge chameleon, unmoving now except for its jiggly neck. The cats themselves were barely larger than their pop-eyed reptilian prey, its scales strangely dull… Continue reading

10 Arten, wie das Internet uns krank macht – und immer noch keine Lösung…

Gestern stolperte ich über einen Artikel, der unverhohlen die Leiden des modernen, digital vernetzten Wesen schilderte. Der Text trug die Überschrift: “10 Arten, wie das Internet uns krank macht und eine Lösung” und beinhaltete das Übliche: Wer sein Smartphone für zwei Minuten auf die Seite lege, bekomme einen Cold Turkey, dies sei wissenschaftlich erwiesen; das… Continue reading

English As World Language: Of Burdens and Bridges

Today I stumbled over an interesting article about vanishing language variety in India. In a country abundant with a whole spectrum of different languages and dialects English is more and more becoming the only language for modern connected individuals. “English is unifying us with the rest of the world but alienating us from our familial… Continue reading

Stupidity has no Nationality

Last week I visited Tiberias, that small town next to the Lake of Galilee. Looking for nothing in particular we stumbled over a little garden/open air museum which was home to a few hot springs, an ancient hammam of Suleiman and archaeological remains of an ancient synagogue. Of the synagogue there’s not much left except… Continue reading

Pimp Your Muttersprache!

Dieser Krimi ist vom Umfang wie auch von der Sprache her auf das Nötigste reduziert; was wirklich angenehm zu lesen ist. Diese Kurzrezension über meinen kürzlich veröffentlichten Kurzkrimi ‘Kleinstadtvampire’ ist mir soeben beim Googeln begegnet. Ich war schon immer ein großer Fan von effizienter Sprache, nicht zuletzt wegen der Schwere so mancher kultureller Klassiker, die… Continue reading

Jerusalem at Night

For years I haven’t been to this city capturing the imagination, horrors and hopes of millions through the ages. There are a few things which struck my mind this time: The Biblical Theme Park Walking though the old city among masses of tourists from all over the globe you almost expect some disneyfied savior to… Continue reading

Ramasser Les Feuilles à la Pelle

For some reason only yesterday, after almost a decade of work on this domain, I had the idea to install WordPress here. The motive: to collect all the things that I’ve done over the years in some organizable (uncluttered?) way and make room for some asides, chromeless contemplations and wayward ruminations. The first thing that… Continue reading