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The Reliability Of The Unexpected

We tend to think about storytelling as something which happens around a campfire, in front of pulsing plasma screens, the dim glow of the night stand lamp. But no matter how public or intimate the setting, we still experience these stories as something external, words or images, bits and pieces — however gripping or emotional–… Continue reading

English As World Language: Of Burdens and Bridges

Today I stumbled over an interesting article about vanishing language variety in India. In a country abundant with a whole spectrum of different languages and dialects English is more and more becoming the only language for modern connected individuals. “English is unifying us with the rest of the world but alienating us from our familial… Continue reading

There’s nothing wrong about Facebook but Facebook

Recently I read an interesting article that looks at the facts and numbers of Facebook’s business model. “On the one hand, Facebook is mired in the same relentless downward pressure of falling per-user revenues as the rest of Web-based media. The company makes a pitiful and shrinking $5 per customer per year, which puts it… Continue reading

How Ebooks & The Net Bring Us Back To The Middle Ages

Recently, I’ve been reading the Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man, that famous work of Marshall McLuhan, and it struck me that many of his insights relating to print media and reading culture can be applied to what is happening today, exactly 50 years after its publication in 1962. One of the major points… Continue reading