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Play it Again, Shlomo: My Go-To Albums of 2015 (Redux)

This has been a great year for music, and while all the big music magazines and blog are publishing their “best of 2015” lists, I’d also like to share my favorite records of this year, not just strict new releases, but all the albums which I kept returning to over and over again. Midlake – Bamnan & Slivercork… Continue reading

Creatures of Ritual

This is the last song and title-track of the new album Rituals by Other Lives, which has been one of the most satisfying new releases this year. I’ve been listening to it almost daily since it came out on May 5th, at home or on the go, and just can’t seem to get tired of it. It’s music that plays out like a movie, slowly intertwining scenes and after-images of something always out of grasp, and yet so strangely familiar.

To engage with Rituals is to barrel along a winding, hidden dirt path; peering into its bounty is to be swept away into the pines and deep, briny brush revealing a new, almost utopian existence. […] Ambient soundscapes (“New Fog”) buttress against prog-rock stomp (“2 Pyramids”) lending the album the experience of embarking on a choose-your-own-adventure novel. –

Update: this live concert is a great showcase of this band’s multi-instrumental genius:

The Poetry Of Pixels

As someone who grew up with early computer games I’m very well aware of the stigma surrounding this … past-time? Procrastination device? art form? And it’s true, many computer games are like Facebook: you play them but you’re not too proud of it (or they’re the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree). Once in a while… Continue reading

Stupidity has no Nationality

Last week I visited Tiberias, that small town next to the Lake of Galilee. Looking for nothing in particular we stumbled over a little garden/open air museum which was home to a few hot springs, an ancient hammam of Suleiman and archaeological remains of an ancient synagogue. Of the synagogue there’s not much left except… Continue reading

There’s nothing wrong about Facebook but Facebook

Recently I read an interesting article that looks at the facts and numbers of Facebook’s business model. “On the one hand, Facebook is mired in the same relentless downward pressure of falling per-user revenues as the rest of Web-based media. The company makes a pitiful and shrinking $5 per customer per year, which puts it… Continue reading

The Bermuda Triangle Of Social Network Data Sinks

As much as I love the Internetz there’s something that really irks me, and no, I don’t mean the time-wasting (isn’t that its true purpose?) but something else entirely. “When you’re not paying for it you’re the product.” Companies like Facebook (and others) live from the fact that people happily open their hearts, minds and… Continue reading