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Mackie Onyx Blackjack Windows 10 Drivers Fix

The Onyx Blackjack 2×2 USB Recording Interface is a great little box with some nice 60db boutique-quality preamps. You’ll often find it mentioned in forums and blogs across the web, and especially since this article, many people have been interested in the Onyx Blackjack as a affordable solution to power their gain-hungry Shure SM7Bs (in… Continue reading

Installing Zend OpCache PHP 7 With Easy Apache 4 (WHM/CentOS)

Installing PHP Extensions Via Easy Apache 4   In WHM go to Home » Software » EasyApache 4 and click Customize Go to PHP Extensions, search for “opcache” and enable it Next, search for the PHP DSO handler by typing in “php70-php”. (I spent hours searching for “DSO” which didn’t bring up this result. I wish… Continue reading

System Shock 2 in Google Cardboard VR

After playing around for a few days with Google Cardboard I definitely started to see the potential of phone-based VR but unfortunately the available games/apps on the Play Store were all rather short and restricted, seeming more like demos than full-blown VR experiences, so when I found that you can stream PC games in VR to your phone mode by… Continue reading

Mash it Like it’s 1992! With the 8bitdo SFC30 Gamepad

While working on the latest two book and audio releases, I rediscovered the fun of playing old Super Nintendo games during downtime, the simple joy of quickly firing up Super Mario World in an emulator, stomping a few Goombas, flying high through pixelated skies, before going back to the grueling routine of editing, formatting, compiling vocabulary… Continue reading

Sampling the Interwebs: A Serendipitous Travelogue

Over the weekend I was indulging in nostalgic drum and bass reveries. Brought on by the delivery of our government prescribed gas masks — different story — whose packaging reminded me of the Breakbeat Era cover, I went on a three day serendipity spree. Here are some of the links and tokens of this journey. Curious… Continue reading

Why The “Descriptive Camera” Gives Me The Creeps

Everyone seems to be talking about the descriptive camera at the moment. If you haven’t heard about it yet, click the link. Basically, it’s a camera connected to a printer. Only, the printer doesn’t output an image but a description of what’s in the image. In short: If you make a photo of an apple on a… Continue reading

The Bermuda Triangle Of Social Network Data Sinks

As much as I love the Internetz there’s something that really irks me, and no, I don’t mean the time-wasting (isn’t that its true purpose?) but something else entirely. “When you’re not paying for it you’re the product.” Companies like Facebook (and others) live from the fact that people happily open their hearts, minds and… Continue reading