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I for one Welcome Our Algorithmic Overlords

Not too long ago, before image macros and reaction videos roamed the planet, human beings created mix-tapes to express complicated feelings or share their favorite songs with family and friends. These custom compilations of songs were recorded on primitive storage media called “cassettes”, small plastic shells filled with two spools of magnetic thread constantly on the… Continue reading

Dish of the Day

Started using a timer recently to hunt down the procrastination gremlins. It works well. Too well, almost. Been working less hours and getting ridiculous amounts of stuff done. Already on Wednesday I had the whole week behind me. It’s like time-traveling, man! — erm, maybe not. So, got a new book out, paperback and ebook,… Continue reading

Writing and Blogging

These days my weeks are filled with manuscript writing, proof reading, editing, formatting and everything else that follows. While it’s very satisfying to immerse myself in longer projects that take many months to complete, I’ve also rediscovered the fun in blogging, the refreshment of forming an idea within one or three days and publishing it… Continue reading

The Poetry Of Pixels

As someone who grew up with early computer games I’m very well aware of the stigma surrounding this … past-time? Procrastination device? art form? And it’s true, many computer games are like Facebook: you play them but you’re not too proud of it (or they’re the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree). Once in a while… Continue reading